Do you still feel that you’re not enough, not worthy, not good enough or acceptable as you are and lack self confidence – in spite of everything you have achieved, everything you do and how much people praise you? 

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, or self-confidence issues?

Do you have critics, bullies and judges in your head that have you struggling with self-esteem, sleep, inner peace or health issues?  

Do you have a hard time expressing your feelings… or speaking up and asking for what you truly want? 

Are you great at making everyone and everything else a priority?

If you are struggling with any of the above and can no longer pretend that everything is okay, and know that you must make some changes, I can help you, because I was there. 

Imagine having the confidence and the permission to be your self

self confidence
  • To share your true feelings and needs
  • To feel comfortable in your own skin
  • To take back your power and your energies from everyone you gave them to
  • To say goodbye to your old companions – anxiety, shame, guilt, exhaustion, doubt, depression and your limiting beliefs about what you can have, who you can be or what you can do! 
  • To believe in your self, your dreams and visions – to have Your Life, Your Way!!  To Live FREE!!

Miri offers you a tapestry of healing that combines and weaves her gifts in Empowerment and Transformational Coaching, Intuitive Guidance, and Energy Healing. She is a Pioneer in Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance and a Master at creating a safe and compassionate space for you to explore and uncover what is really keeping you stuck.

You will heal your past so that it is no longer driving your life and holding you in struggle, pain and limitation.

As you experience a deeper connection to your Heart and Spirit, you will also have The Permission to be exactly as you are – to have all of your feelings, desires, and needs without negotiation, denial, shame or blame.

You will be able to observe your life, your history, your belief systems (BS), toxic relationships and patterns, and reactive difficult emotions in a new, heartfelt and healing way… You truly let go, release and move on.

You take back your power.  You learn new skills and tools to make the choices that support you in creating your life your way, because you are no longer living your life to fulfill others expectations of you …  You no longer feeling like a helpless victim.  You become your own Hero. 

~ Welcome Home ~

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