Miri’s Message: “There is no absolute truth I can teach you.
I can only help you to awaken
to the
Truth that has always been nestled inside you.”

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Miri Klements is a Healer, Teacher, Wise Sage and Facilitator for your deep healing and transformation.
Miri offers you a tapestry of healing that combines and weaves her gifts in Energy Healing and Balancing that include Reiki, Soul Infusion, Ancient Egyptian Healing, Divine Template Activation, Access Consciousness™ Bars sessions and other multidimensional healing vibrations that are beyond naming.  She also offers you Spiritual and Transformational Coaching and Intuitive Guidance – allowing your spirit to draw through her what is needed.

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“My passion and compassion are to support you in moving through the human experiences, patterns, belief systems, difficult emotions and judgments that keep us limited and stuck in painful repetition - beyond and into the joyous freedom that is your True Nature.

By offering you Intuitive Wisdom and Guidance, Deep Listening and Energy Healing and Rebalancing, you are supported in moving into, through and beyond your issues and blockages on all levels so that true and complete transformation can take place.

Our work together helps you to understand and see through the clouds and veils that cause our human suffering, to change thoughts and beliefs at their core/root level, and to release deeply held trauma and emotions.

As you begin to observe your life, your beliefs, patterns, emotions and history in a new, heartfelt and healing way, a shift in consciousness and awareness takes place and your heart begins to open - to you. You begin to reconnect with the healer, the wisdom and the kindness and tenderness that has always been within you.

With understanding and compassion for your self, you are able to finally acknowledge, complete, and release the old patterns, suffering, difficult emotions, pain and relationships that no longer serve you.

"You truly feel the connection with
Your Divinity and begin to live with
The Wisdom, Peace, Clarity,
Compassionate Heart,
Creative Freedom and Joy
that are your truest nature."

May my offerings touch and guide you, Serving as a catalyst for you to Embrace your Divinity
~The I AM~
And Bring Re-Memberance To
The Truth of Who You Are


Miri Klements
Catalyst for Your Deepest Healing and Transformation
Transformational Coaching ~ Intuitive Guidance
Reiki Master~ Soul Infusion

Individual Sessions ~  Classes ~  Workshops
Charlotte, NC USA  (301) 788-4525

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