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All classes are held in Charlotte, NC unless otherwise noted.

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Sinking into Self-Compassion                 A Workshop for
Self Acceptance and Self Love 

Are you tired of the critics and judges in your head…  Tired of being compassionate, kind and understanding with everyone EXCEPT you?
Are you ready to stop abandoning yourself?
 you like to shift from self-rejection to self-acceptance, and begin to open your tender, caring, loving heart … to yourself?

Sunday, August 13
Light House Spiritual Center
645 Carpenter Ave, Mooresville, NC  

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1-6:00 pm

to register please
call 301-788-4525 
or email: 



 Usui/ Holy Fire
Reiki Level One 

Join us for a day of learning and exploration into the world of energy, healing and YOU!

Connect with the Unconditional Love of Your Spirit 

** Learn the history of Reiki
**Learn about chakras and fields of energy that surround and move through us.
**Learn to balance your chakras with Reiki.

Sunday, October 1, 2017
Ballantyne, NC

** Learn the hand positions for giving a Reiki treatment to yourself and for giving a treatment to another.
** Practice giving yourself a Reiki Treatment.

** Practice giving a full Reiki Treatment with another student
**Experience a Guided Meditation connecting you with the Ocean of Love…
the Source of Unconditional Love. 

Please click here to contact  Miri for more information or  to register. 







Usui / Holy Fire
Reiki Master Teacher Class 
Holy Fire is the most advanced level of Reiki available.  Holy Fire Reiki is about connecting you with your Soul and your Higher Self so you can experience and create
Heaven on Earth I AM that I AM 


Please click here to contact  Miri if you are interested in the next Master Class. 

Requirements:  Completion of
Reiki I and II  in any lineage.



3 full days
*Day one 10-6
*skip at least one week
*Day 2 & 3- Sat and Sun 10-6 10-6:00 pm


**ADDITIONAL Reiki Practice session,  two weeks after class


Circle of Namaste’ 
A Sacred Talking Circle 


Thursday, June 29

Sanctuary Imports  822 Lamar Ave, Charlotte

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   Reiki Level Two

* Learn the sacred geometric symbols and sounds for Level 2.
* Learn about & activate your  Sacred Twelve Fifth Dimensional Chakras
*Learn Distance Healing with Reiki.  Be able to send Reiki to anyone, anywhere. 

Sunday, May 21

* Experience Reiki Holy Love and Holy Fire Meditations
* Learn how to give a heart based Gyoshi-ho treatment 
* Give and Receive a Healing.

10 – 6pm 



A Workshop for Self Acceptance and Self Love 
Is it hard for you to be gentle, kind and loving with yourself?


* The judging critical voices in your head
that have you feeling like you’re never good enough or okay as you are

* Always being kind, understanding and compassionate with others
but feeling frustrated, annoyed, impatient and angry with yourself

* Feeling like there is always something to fix or change about your self or do better

Please join us for an afternoon of Interactive Dialogue, Teaching, Meditation, Art and Music.  
* Explore WHY it’s been so hard to be kind and accepting of ourselves
* Discover WHAT you have been truly longing for… and learn HOW to give it to yourself.
* Release old patterns, stories and beliefs and replace them with compassion and understanding for your self.
* Learn simple practices to begin to bring compassion, kindness and acceptance to yourself.
* Learn new ways to talk to yourself that are kind, supporting, healthy and healing.

* Stop being so hard on your self and silence your inner critics.
* Feel truly lovable, worthy and more comfortable in your own skin.
* Be patient, kind, and accepting of your self… no matter what!

Open Your Beautiful, Compassionate and Tender Heart  – to Yourself.
Allow the Warmth and Compassion of your own heart to thaw and open the frozen places inside of you.
~ Welcome Home ~ 

Sunday,  August 13,   1-6:00 pm
Light House Spiritual Center  645 Carpenter Ave,  Mooresville, NC
Cost: $111
To Register:   email


 Circle of Namaste’
A Sacred Talking Circle

Namaste’ is a Sanskrit word that means

I recognize and I bow to the Holy Divine in you.

How often have you looked to someone else for guidance, knowledge, acceptance, kindness… and felt frustrated that you couldn’t access these for your self? Most of us have not been taught how to trust ourselves… and validate our own feelings, wisdoms, and ways of knowing.

Is it time for you to reconnect with the Wisdom and Self-Compassion within yourself?

In this Sacred Talking Circle we will hold the intention of Namaste’.
We will not try to fix or change anyone or offer advice.
We will simply listen deeply from our hearts and focus on the Divine in each other.

As we speak and share, we will discover the truths, answers, solutions, wisdoms, self-compassion and self-acceptance that are already there … within ourselves.

Our Circle of Namaste’ is about 
Recognizing and Receiving The Divine in ourselves and in each other and 
Allowing ourselves to Know what we know, and that we Know.

WHEN:  Thursday, June 29, 7-8:30pm
WHERE:  Sanctuary Imports  822 Lamar Ave, Charlotte
COST:  $5.00     ***Please call to register:  980-237-4780