About Miri

Miri Klements is an Empowerment, Self Acceptance and Self Love Coach, Reiki and Energy Medicine Practitioner and Intuitive. She is an Old Soul – Compassionate and Wise – and a dynamic catalyst and guide for your deep transformation, healing and awakening. The tools and processes she shares with you, in the safe compassionate space she creates, allow you to get to the root causes of your suffering and bring true healing, transformation and permanent healthy change into your life.  

“My own traumas, struggles and journey brought me into my gifts and skills as a Healer, Intuitive Guide and Coach. 

I grew up in a family filled with pain. My parents were survivors of the WW II Holocaust. Looking back now, I can see how I became very skillful at an early age at focusing on caring for those around me,  while denying and repressing my own needs and feelings.. 

I did not realize then that as I was caring for others … I was totally not caring for me … creating the pattern of abandoning my self for others… and of being a ‘people pleaser.’ 

From an early age I disconnected, rejected, suppressed and denied so many parts of my self.

I didn’t know who I really was beneath the masks I wore.  It was only decades later, as I began to look at my masks we wearself with greater honesty and awareness, that I saw not only did I not know how to express my own true feelings or my needs, I wasn’t even sure what they were.  

When others would ask me how I was feeling, I couldn’t tell … I wasn’t sure. I had to dig deep and go through the layers of repression and denial to find my true feelings.

And then, even if I actually understood what I was feeling, I saw that I was afraid to share… because. I had learned how to hide my true feelings. They didn’t matter, which ultimately meant to my ‘little girl’ – that she didn’t matter either. Not pretty. Familiar?  Did you learn to hide and deny your true feelings and needs too?  

What mask did you put on for love and acceptance, or to fit in?  Did you pretend to be happy or say that things didn’t really matter, when they really did – “Oh, that’s okay, I’m fine” when it really wasn’t okay, that you needed more, that you wanted to be held, seen, listened to….?  

What really mattered to you… but you learned to not voice it?  

In my adult years, others saw me as successful, capable, accomplished, strong, and confident. I felt the exact opposite about my self – inadequate, frightened and flawed.  

If someone offered me a compliment, my first thought was –if you only really knew me.  You wouldn’t say such nice things about me.’

The critical and judgmental voices in my head made me feel that I was never okay or good enough.  I was always having to work harder to avoid my inadequate feelings and to prove my worthiness.  It never really worked.

I had low self-esteem and felt unworthy … unlovable.  I didn’t ‘see’ any of this self-rejection until decades later. I was just living my life like we all do … it was my normal.

I ‘had it all’ – according to the American Dream – a great career, marriage, two children, the house, the vacations and the beautiful clothes.  I had managed all the exterior parts of my life very well.

And then it all began to fall apart and my life looked like adrenal fatigue, confusion and overwhelm, a crumbled marriage and the end of a career.  

Nothing was working anymore … Everything I had previously stuffed under the rug or into the closet began to bubble up.  I could no longer not pay attention to my disowned parts or to the emotional pain that was surfacing.

I had created walls around my self to keep me ‘safe’ from perceived pain … from feeling vulnerable.  Only later did I see how these walls also kept out the very experiences I truly longed for – connection and intimacy. I was great at ‘giving’ and it was almost impossible for me to receive … anything. 

I could no longer ignore or deny what had been hidden away … my deep healing and transformation had begun in earnest.  I read, studied and traveled the globe.  Studies in Metaphysics, Spirituality, Energy Healing and a Jewish-German Compassionate Listening Program called to me. I studied with many teachers from many different traditions including Advaita, The Work by Byron Katie, Kabbalah, Sufism, Buddhism, Compassionate Listening and Transcendental Meditation. I was drawn to the Angels.  I learned different energy healing modalities including Reiki, Ancient Egyptian Healing, Access Consciousness and The Reconnection. Angelic Presence, Divine Template Activation and Soul Infusion came through me.  

I thought that all this studying of spirituality and energy healing would ‘save me’ and allow me to transcend all my unresolved issues, trauma and pain.  It didn’t save me at all … not one bit.

However, all the metaphysical and spiritual studies and energy work did awaken ancient wisdoms, abilities and gifts in me. I also had a meditation practice that alowed me to deepen my connection with my Higher Self / I AM.  

Grace had found me and began to open my heart to ALL the parts of me … all the parts of me that I had disconnected from, rejected, hated, that I was afraid of, ashamed of. All these lost parts wanted to be seen, reconciled with and integrated back into my own heart and soul.  

The understanding, kindness and compassion I easily gave to others … little by little, I began to give this kindness and compassion to my self … to all these wounded, frightened, and sometimes angry parts of me.

With a more conscious and stronger connection with my True Divine Self / I AM … along with all of the healing and integrating work I was doing around self-acceptance, self-kindness and self-love … I experienced the most alchemical and profound transformation … because it is not another’s love we need Beloved … it is our very own Unconditional Acceptance and Love … already nestled within our own hearts … waiting to come forth … that truly transforms and heals us.

I went on to develop a unique and very powerful set of skills and processes that I now offer you … for your own sacred healing and compassionate reconciliation with your lost parts … that heals, changes and transforms you … Forever! I know you’re not sure… I AM sure that you can … because I’ve done it for myself and so many others – yes, you can transform your life.  

butterflyHow amazing you are. From the depths of darkness, confusion, pain, suffering and self-loathing you are able to remember who you truly are. I am always humbled and honored to support your reconnection with your True Self and your essential nature of wisdom, kindness, compassion, harmony, joy and peace.  

I love supporting you to experience the magic and grace of your heart … opening to your self.  You are as a butterfly emerging from the dark cocoon – transformed, beautiful and forever ‘flying free!’