Deep Dive Total Transformation

Welcome to my Six Month Deep Dive 

Total Transformation Program

This program is a complete customized healing system, with powerful step-by-step processes, tools, empowering life skills and energy healing held in a container of deep compassion … that supports and empowers your transformation by going all the way down to the foundation from which you have created your life.

This program is about releasing anxiety, painful emotions, even depression from your life…  healing your wounds and releasing your fears, limiting beliefs, physical pain, disempowering toxic behaviors, blocked emotions and reactive unfulfilling habits. 

Imagine going FROM your habitual struggles, painful patterns, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, in pain, stuck, anxious or depressed TO feeling empowered, confident, clear and comfortable in your own skin … to having a clear voice for you… for being your own Hero instead of a powerless victim.

You will be able to truly and finally heal, release, let go, and move on … and with self-compassion and understanding, you will understand why you have been behaving and reacting in habitual unfulfilling ways, why you have difficulty speaking up, making changes, accessing your truths and memories and feeling your feelings… AND BE ABLE TO MOVE AND CREATE YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY AND ON YOUR TERMS! 

Imagine feeling good about your self, accepting your self, letting go of your past and making the choices that would truly change your life.

As you experience a deeper connection to your Heart and Soul, you will have The Permission to be exactly as you are – to have all of your feelings, desires, and needs without  needing to compromise, negotiate, deny shame or blame your self anymore.  

KEY #1 – The Great Give Away 
I call this life the Great Give Away, because as children we ‘had to’ give parts of ourselves away over and over – our true needs, feelings, wants, desire, talents and creativity – for love, acceptance, safety and belonging… all that was required for our very survival.

We denied, repressed, rejected, abandoned our truths… our true self.

We learn to do this when we’re young and we continue to do it… Look and see if this isn’t true.

In this Human Design and Experience each one of us is imprinted, programmed like a computer, shaped and molded like clay by our parents, society, the media, educators and others in authority positions.

Like a sponge, the child unconsciously absorbs the beliefs, emotions, values and unhealed wounds of those around them and sees them as their own – this is me.

From here we create the foundation for our “self,” our core beliefs, values, judgments – our “me”.

Throughout this program you will be releasing and replacing the old foundation and definitions of ‘me’ with new beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are aligned with your Soul, not your personalityso you can have True Freedom and Joy!

KEY #2 – Thinking, Our Thoughts, Negative Self-Talk cornerstones of our human life
Where do our thoughts come from?  Where do the inner critics, bullies and judges in our head come from?
Learn how to easily Silence and Transform your Inner Critics into Encouraging and Supporting Allies.
Learn the latest most effective Brain Science Techniques to remove your negative thought patterns and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

Understand where you beliefs come from and how our mostly unconscious beliefs are put in place at an early age and RUN OUR LIVES!  Until you realize this, nothing can change.  After this realization – you can change… everything!

KEY #3 – Heal the Wounds and Traumas of Your Childhood

Our work together is about creating a safe gentle space so you can begin to compassionately understand why you behave as you do and have the unfulfilling relationships that you do.  All your defenses and patterns are here and were put into place for a for very good ‘healthy’ reasons.

Imagine compassionately understanding why you have difficulty expressing your self, accessing your truths, receiving, feeling your emotions….

Learn the missing piece for Forgiveness Work that will radically change everything, and allow you to finally be free and to move on.

Discover the potentials within you for so much more and begin to put them into place in your life. Stop letting your history define or limit you.

Imagine responding to life from your peaceful wise inner core self and compass, instead of reacting with old habitual patterns that were put in place in your childhood.  You will learn how to access that part of you that can bring wise compassionate healing and love to your self, instead of looking for others to fix and fill the holes.
Take back your Power and Your Energies from everyone you gave them to.

KEY #4 –“There is no such thing as matter. Everything is Energy.  Everything is Vibration.”  Albert Einstein
Learn simple powerful techniques to clear AND rebalance your energies.

KEY #5 Everyone Can Meditate, Which Means You Can Too! 
Dispel the myths about meditation. Find the form of meditation that works for you.

KEY #6 – Our ‘Oh So’ Difficult and sometimes Overwhelming and Unacceptable Emotions 
Learn how to stop blaming and shaming your self for how you feel.
You will be able to acknowledge and feel safe with your feelings… including anger, fear, depression, anxiety.

Our emotions are a guidance system. Learn how to understand their messages and make them work for you.
As you understand what anxiety and depression are really about – you will also learn new tools and skills that allow to release them from your system AND you will be able to finally feel and acknowledge your true feelings,  KNOW HOW to take care of your self AND experience the full magic and awesomeness of life.

Life does still have ups and down… but they are not as deep and wide because you will be skillful at taking care of yourself and be able to return to your Calm Center more easily when you experience overwhelm, anxiety or stress.

KEY #7- Learn How to Know Which of Your Many Voices in Your Head is Your “One True Wise Voice?”

KEY #8- Balance Giving and Receiving in Your Life Say No with ease and without the guilt.

KEY #9 Strengthen Your Connection With Your Higher Self, I AM, Your Soul
and experience the end of
~living from your limiting, struggling, fear based, reactive personality and ego
~living everyone else’s values and expectations for you
~trying to please everyone
~believing and acting according to all the stories, belief systems (BS) and untruths your ego mind has been telling you.
 It is the end of abandoning your self for everyone else.

You begin to realize in your heart, soul and mind that nothing about you has ever been wrong.

Guilt, shame, expectations and judgments begin to fall away. 

Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion, Self-Love, Trust, Confidence and Inner Peace are your new companions 

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