Reiki + Energy Healing

There is no such thing as matter.  Everything is vibration.  Everything is energy.”  Albert Einstein

Since we are vibration and energy, doesn’t it makes perfect sense to include energy treatments, like Reiki in your healing. Energy balancing and healing treatments accelerate and support your healing on every level – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

beachWalking in the woods/nature, being at the beach, listening to soothing or uplifting music are all considered forms of energy healing because energy healing is all about changing your vibration. While we may not know ‘exactly’ how this works – what you do know is that you definitely feel different – better – and that your stress and discomfort are so much less or are totally gone,  and that you feel more at peace,  and better in every way.

Reiki is one of the most well known energy healing modalities available today. It is practiced throughout the world and is now offered in the most respected hospitals, cancer centers, hospice, stress reduction programs in businesses, wounded warrior programs as an accepted treatment for PTSD,  as well as in private offices for those seeking individual session. 

I have studied a number of different energy modalities, including Reiki, Sekhem Ancient Egyptian Healing, Access Consciousness™, Reconnective Healing and Munay-ki.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Medical Reiki Master and Ancient Egyptian Sekhem Master Teacher.  I also offer Divine Template Activation, Angelic Presence and Soul Infusion.

When asked to explain the differences among these modalities … I invite you to imagine that energy healing itself is like ice cream and the different modalities of energy healing are simply different flavors. They are all ice cream yet each a little different. Just as you prefer a particular flavor of ice cream, you will also feel more comfortable with a certain energy healing modality and realize that you prefer that one to another. Ultimately one is not better than another. Allow your ‘knowing intuition’ to draw you to the practitioner and the modality that is most appropriate for you.

Please click here for information on ‘What is Reiki’, Benefits of Reiki and my Reiki Classes in Charlotte.

I have also included more information about Soul Infusion here.  After I had been practicing energy healing for a number of years, the energy medicine of Soul Infusion began to come through me from higher dimensions. It is exactly what it says: Soul Infusion – the infusing and integrating of your Soul/Divinity into your physical body and energy fields.  

We are evolving in Consciousness.  We have been living in the reactive, fear based painful patterns of our ego. This is the vibration we have known …   Ego and personality vibrate in lower ranges of fear, duality, blame, shame, doubt, scarcity … This is not a judgment or wrongness.  It is the Design here … and The Design is changing.

We are shifting into higher consciousness which means living more and more in the vibrations of Unconditional Love, Peace, Abundance, Harmony … replacing your painful, fear-based ego patterns with Living and Creating Your Life from your Soul… Living as your Spirit, not your ego,  here on earth.