Calendar of Events

All classes are held in Charlotte, NC unless otherwise noted.

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Usui / Holy Fire
Reiki Master Teacher Class 
Holy Fire is the most advanced level of Reiki available.  Holy Fire Reiki is about connecting you with your Soul and your Higher Self so you can experience and create
Heaven on Earth 

I AM that I AM


Sat, February 25 
Sun, March 5
Mon, March 6


Requirements:  Completion of
Reiki I and II  in any lineage.



10-6pm each day



  Usui/ Holy Fire
Reiki Level One 

Join us for a day of learning and exploration into the world of energy, healing and YOU!

** Learn the history of Reiki
**Learn about chakras and fields of energy that surround and move through us. Learn how to balance your chakras with Reiki.
** Learn the hand positions for giving a Reiki treatment to yourself and for giving a treatment to another. 

          Sunday, April 2                       Ballantyne, NC  

**Experience the Ocean of Love          
** Practice giving yourself a Reiki Treatment.
** Practice Giving a full Reiki Treatment to another student
**Learn how to direct Reiki into the energy fields that surround the body

10-6:00 pm

 Please click here to contact  Miri for more information or  to register. 

**ADDITIONAL Reiki Practice session,  two weeks after class


   Reiki Level Two

* Learn the sacred geometric symbols and sounds for Level 2.
* Learn about & activate your  Sacred Twelve Fifth Dimensional Chakras
*Learn Distance Healing with Reiki.  Be able to send Reiki to anyone, anywhere. 

 Sunday, May 21

* Experience Reiki Holy Love and Holy Fire Meditations
* Learn how to give a heart based Gyoshi-ho treatment 
* Give and Receive a Healing.

10 – 6pm 



Self Kindness ~ Self Acceptance ~ Self Compassion

Being Understanding and Gentle with your Self

Are these hard for you?

Do you have those mean voices in your head that criticize and judge, take away your confidence, and still have you feeling like you’re not enough or okay as you are … in spite of how much you’ve healed, what you’ve accomplished and how generous and kind you are with others?

If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to your self – you would not have any friends.

Is it difficult to accept how others talk about you – your goodness, your gifts, your amazingness?    If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to your self – you would not have any friends.

Would you like to exchange your self-rejection for self-acceptance and kindness?

Are you ready to stop abandoning your self?

* Imagine feeling more lovable and worthy.

* Imagine feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

* Imagine having permission to be kinder with your self and truly accepting of your self… no matter what

Join us for an afternoon of Gentle Heart Opening Interactive Dialogue, Teaching, Meditation, Music and Art that allows for the Warmth and Compassion of your own heart to begin to thaw the frozen places inside your self.      ~Welcome Home~

Please click here to email Miri now to Register.

It is your time?  Are you feeling called to do this for your self now… finally?

You’ve done everything else. Self Acceptance is the missing piece that absolutely changes you, every one and every thing in your life … your relationships, your abundance, your health… and gives you Permission to Be You… and Shine!