Holy Fire II Reiki

Usui / Holy Fire II Reiki

“The use of the word holy in the name Holy Fire is not religious in meaning. The word holy has as its root meaning to be whole, complete, healed and this is how it is used in Holy Fire. Holy Fire Reiki is powerful yet gentle spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance to clients and especially practitioners.”  William Lee Rand

Learning Reiki will give you a new set of tools…  And for me, it’s never only been about a new set of  tools.  

For me, Reiki has always been about connecting more deeply and completely with your Higher Self, God/ Spirit/ Source / I AM … because this is where the fastest transformation and  highest form of ‘Healing’ can take place.  Reawakening this connection is where we are all ultimately going.

This is where you find your True Purpose, Your Healing, Your Forgiveness, Your Peace and Your Unconditional Acceptance and Love… for your self, others and the world.   Now and from here… you can create the life you came here to live.  This is how I have always understood and taught about the gifts of Reiki.

The teachings and energy of Holy Fire II Reiki, recently brought through by William Rand of ICRT supports this, which is why I’m so excited to continue to teach and share Reiki and incorporate his practices and teachings.
“Holy Fire has no lineage in the usual meaning of this word.  Lineage as it is used with Reiki refers to the physical person who originally channeled the energy.  No physical person originally did this.  Therefore, you can say that the lineage of Holy Fire Reiki starts with God. (Miri adds:  one can also say Source, The Divine, I AM) 
Also, it is passed on directly by God to each student.  (Again, Miri adds that we can say that these Holy Fire energies are given to the student by The Divine,  Source, I AM, Higher Power.  The Teacher simply creates and holds the energetic space for this sacred gift.)

“Holy Fire Reiki is a ‘new’ form of Reiki… (Miri describes it as Reiki for our times)   It is gentle yet powerful healing energy. It carries four distinct frequencies – energy of (1) purification, (2) healing, (3) empowerment and (4) guidance.  Holy Fire energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness.  Holy Fire II Reiki is the upgrade version of Holy Fire Reiki.”


Some of the qualities students and clients have experienced include:

  1. Works continuously even when not thinking about it and spontaneously heals issues as they come up
  2. Always respects free will
  3. Can heal deeply and quickly without distress.
  4. Heals relationships and our patterns of interaction with others
  5. Releases worry and replaces it with a sense of safety and trust
  6. Spontaneously provides guidance from your Higher Self
  7. Supports the development of traits that are healthy for a person including – inner peace, faith, trust, true compassion, acceptance, self love and more
  8. One of the more wonderful effects is a feeling of being loved, guided, cared for, accepted, protected

Each  Reiki Class is a deeply healing and transforming experience, a gift you give yourself.

Reiki is the energy of Unconditional Love.  There is no turning back… and you will surely not want to.  Reiki will change your life, if you are willing to allow these powerful Purifying, Uplifting and Loving energies to connect with you and join you in your life.  

After all…. for many of us, life is now about connecting you with your True Self, Your Higher Self… and with this connection and integration… all Magic and Miracles happen…  faster and faster.  You are ready to become the human living from their Divine Self, not their fear based ego.  

Nothing in your life was ever wrong.  Everything in your life was always for the experience, and the opportunity to grow beyond the fear and limitations imposed by the experience…  to grow into greater Freedom and Love.  Now it is time to create Heaven on Earth… here… in your body temple on this beautiful planet Earth.  Welcome Home to

The Holy Fire of Unconditional Love