Reiki in Hospitals and Cancer Centers

 Reiki in Hospitals, Cancer Centers and Chemo Suites
Helping Adults, Teens, Children and Infants  



Reiki is currently available in over 800 hospitals and cancer centers – because Reiki has been found to be effective in releasing pain, stress, tension, anxiety, fear and feelings of overwhelm.  Reiki supports healing and enhances feelings of relaxation and wellbeing.  

Reiki calms and soothes the emotions and quiets the active mind while supporting deep relaxation and healing.  

Reiki diminishes and prevents the uncomfortable side effects of chemo, radiation and medications.  It supports more restful sleep.  

Patients report feeling more at peace,  having less pain and discomfort and feeling more  energized. They require less pain medication, and often require less anesthesia too. Doctors, nurses and patients are requesting Reiki.

Reiki is tremendously helpful for children who are struggling with cancer or other life threatening illnesses and is being offered as a complementary treatment in many hospitals.  Click here to Read about Reiki for children at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, former chief of pediatric acute care at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, routinely used Reiki in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) with the infants in his care.  

Reiki is available in big and small hospitals including Columbia Presbyterian and Sloan Kettering in New York City, Boston Children’s Hospital,  Brigham and Women’s, Johns Hopkins, Yale, U of Pennsylvania and more.

You or someone you love deserves to have Reiki treatments especially if they are diagnosed with cancer or another life threatening illness, stuggling with chronic illness or pain,  receiving or recovering from chemo, radiation, or other medications, preparing for or recovering from surgery, or are struggling with the pain and overwhelm of an illness that cannot be diagnosed.  Trish was struggling with debilitating pain for which doctors could not find any cause. They offered prescriptions that did not work and surgery with no guarantees. After several sessions with Miri – all her pain was gone.  Click here to read Trish’s story – NO MORE PAIN! 


If you love sexy Patrick Dempsey like I do – his Cancer Center in Maine is increasing their offering of Reiki because because of its popularity.  Here’s what the article says:  “The center is adding new programs this fall ….
and more Reiki  which is really popular with patients”    Click here to read the full article.  



I have been practicing Reiki for over 20 years. When I lived in Maryland, I was the Director of the Reiki Program at the Cancer Center in Frederick, MD. The Program helped hundreds of patients experience the gentle, soothing, healing and transforming power of Reiki.  

I now live in Charlotte, NC.  As a Certified Medical Reiki Master, I am available to go into the hospital or chemo suite to support you or someone you love with Reiki, because I know that Reiki Can Help.  

Please click on this link to contact me for more information.