What is Reiki ?

Reiki is a Natural Stress Reduction and Relaxation Therapy
that supports Healing and Inner Peace
Every One Can Benefit from Reiki.


The knowledge that an unseen energy or life force flows through all living things,  and that the strong unimpeded flow of this life force energy is directly connected to the quality of our health and our sense of wellbeing has been part of the wisdom of cultures and civilizations since ancient times.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is this Universal Life Force Energy that flows through all living things.  It is a combination of two Japanese words, rei, which means ‘universal spirit’ and ki, which means ‘life force.’

Science and Medicine now confirm that STRESS IS THE #1 cause of illness. Stress is experienced emotionally, mentally and physically. Reiki reduces AND releases your stress naturally.  

We are an interconnected system.  We are finally beginning to recognize that our unhealed emotions, life issues and traumas create blockages in our energy systems and ultimately end up causing pain and/or illness in our bodies.
Actually everyone has this happening to them in big or small ways.  We can see how too much stress in a day can lead to a headache, can lead to high blood pressure and so on.  When we begin to consider the link between our emotional and mental wellbeing, stress, and our health… we can begin to choose to do things to reduce and release the stress, tension and anxiety so that they don’t build up.  

Reiki is a wonderful tool for stress reduction.  As the body begins to relax, our mind quiets down,  our emotions soften and calm … we are no longer tight, contracted and constricted and everything can begin to move once again, release and return to balancehealing takes place. 

A Reiki treatment can be used to help with anything and everything – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. It can be used to heal events or traumas from our past so we can truly let go and move on.

For me, Reiki is Unconditional Love and Universal Intelligence.  By its very nature,  Unconditional Love heals and transforms… LOVE in its many forms such as compassion or acceptance, IS the Ultimate Healer.  Reiki is this Love. 

Reiki is without negative side effects. It will only support healing.

healing   reiki    reiki hands

People of any age and with any condition can benefit from Reiki. I have worked with infants; with people who struggle with anxiety, depression; who feel stuck or blocked;  who are in a life transition or grieving.

Reiki helps with physical pain and I have often seen pain diminish or completely release from the body after Reiki.

I have supported cancer patients and also assisted those in hospice to prepare for their end of life passage.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner gently places their hands in different positions on or slightly above the body, while the client lays fully clothed on a massage table. The Universal Life Force Energy/Reiki/Love flows through the practitioner into the client.

All clients arise from a session feeling deeply relaxed. Clients report that pain, anxiety, stress and tension are noticeably reduced or gone. As we release the stress and tension and relax – the body naturally begins to discharge the trauma, imbalance or illness and return to harmony, equilibrium and calmness.

See below for a List of BENEFITS and for REIKI CLASSES

You can easily see how energy work/Reiki are the perfect combination with the coaching Miri offers because Reiki helps release the blockages that have been stuck in you – the emotions, negative mental patterns, stress and trauma – and helps you return to your natural state of peace and balance.  How fast are you ready for your life to transform!?!

With Reiki, often times we don’t even have an awareness of what is leaving.  It is only after a few days or weeks that we realize that we are ‘different.’ We can see that we are no longer responding in our old reactive, habitual ways.  Pain is gone.  Relationships heal.  The obstacles that were in the way of your taking those important new steps are gone. 

For some Reiki helps heal the physical body.   For others – life, relationships and problems are seen in a clearer way. Toxic relationships end.  Questions are answered.  New paths open up and ‘miracles’ begin to happen. The process is actually one of integrating the personality into the Higher Self, the Light that is within each of us.

You will find yourself feeling more confident, calmer, empowered, less reactive, and living more in your heart.  Ultimately peace, balance, joy and gratitude will become more present in you. 

Reiki is now offered in many cancer centers, hospitals, in hospice, wounded warrior programs and in private practices throughout the world… because Reiki HELPS! 

Dr Sheldon M. Feldman, Chief of Breast Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, is a strong advocate for Reiki for his patients – pre, during surgery and through recovery.  Watch this short video:

Please click here to read about my own experiences as I supported patients who were diagnosed with Cancer with Reiki.  Also check my other website and Facebook page for for many articles and youtubes about the extensive availability of Reiki in hospitals and cancer centers today across the U.S. and the benefits patients and medical staff are reporting with Reiki.

Reiki Benefits

  • Reduces and releases stress, tension, anxiety and depression
  • Calms the mind and balances emotions
  • Enhances feelings of inner peace and clarity
  • Decreases and relieves physical pain
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Supports you during times of transition and change
  • Diminishes side effects of chemo and radiation therapies
  • Enhances intuition and creativity
  • Supports you during the grieving process
  • Assists and opens you to achieving your highest potential
  • Helps during recovery from addictions
  • Supports recovery from PTSD
  • Deepens your spiritual connection

All My Reiki Classes are in the Usui/Holy Fire II Tradition
All Reiki Holy Fire classes are life changing,
because you connect more deeply with your Soul/Spirit/The Divine.

You cannot go backwards…. only forward into the Arms of Unconditional Love. 
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Anyone Can Learn ~ Everyone Will Benefit ~ Feel Peace Once Again 

“My teachings support your awakening into the 
Awareness of Your True Nature and Your Magnificent Divine Essence.”

We Journey forth from the World of Spirit. We ALL eventually return to that world of True Acceptance, Awareness, Compassion, Wisdom and Unconditional Love … which is our Natural State and True Nature.

My classes give you both Initiation into Reiki and support your re-membering and integrating of your True Nature, your purpose and your gifts into your life.  The Initiation into Reiki itself offers you a vibrational attunement that helps you release what no longer serves you, so you can connect with and live more and more as your True Self/Spirit instead of being run by the fear of your ego and your past.

Reiki Level One   After the Level One Class you will be a Certified Reiki Practitioner, able to give a Reiki treatment to your self, family, friends and animals too.  My classes are small, offering individual attention, opportunity to both give and receive a healing and includes your notebook and certificate.

Join us for a day of learning and exploration into the world of Energy, Healing and YOU!

  • Learn about chakras and the fields of energy that surround and move through you.
  • Learn the history and the hand positions for giving yourself and another a Reiki treatment.
  • Learn how to balance your Chakras with Reiki
  • Practice giving your self a Reiki treatment.
  • Practice Giving a Reiki Treatment with another student.

One full day 10 am – 6:00 pm and a two hour practice session two weeks after class

Reiki Level Two

  • Deepen and strengthen your abilities to work with Reiki by learning the sacred geometric symbols and sounds for Level 2 and additional hand positions.
    Learn Distance Healing with Reiki – how to send Reiki to anyone, anywhere
  • Learn about and receive an activation for your sacred 5th dimensional 12 chakra system. 
  • By learning more about chakras, energy systems and the Laws of the Universe, you will understand how you can heal your self and others more easily and completely.
    One full day 10 am – 6:00 pm and a two hour practice session two weeks after class

Advanced Reiki Training – ART – 1 day – receive the Master Symbol and experience Holy Fire guided meditations to strengthen your Reiki and your connection to Source.

Reiki Master Teacher – 3 days including Advanced Reiki Training and 2 days of Master Teacher Class

Below is the COURSE DESCRIPTION for the 3 day Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher Certification:

After this class you will be able to initiate students into all levels of Reiki including Reiki Master Teacher

  1. Integrated Reiki lineage:  The class is taught as the Usui/Holy Fire style of Reiki that is a combination of the Usui system as taught by Dr. Usui and by Mrs. Takata, and a special Holy Fire II system.
  2. Two Master Symbols. The Usui and Holy Fire master symbols are included
  3. Reiki techniques including Reiki psychic surgery, entity removal, self-protection, self-help, creating a crystal grid for Reiki and many additional techniques.
  4. Holy Fire II Upgrade. In this class you will also receive the Holy Fire II upgrade. This upgrade will allow you to give Placements which are Ignition like experiences for Reiki I&II and ART which are done instead of attunements. The Placement system provides a more effective level of Reiki for the student and also empowers the symbols with more effective healing energy.
  5. Multiple guided meditations/experiences /pre-gnitions/ignitions to activate and connect YOU with Source/Holy Fire/I AM/Unconditional Love/Reiki in a more complete way.

Open more fully to the Divine Being of Love, Light and Intelligence that you are and integrate your Divinity more completely into every part of your life – body, mind, emotions and spirit

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing – Sekhem 

  • Receive initiation into Levels 1-7 Sekhem Master.  Sekhem is the Ancient Egyptian Energy Matrix of Wisdom, Healing and God Activation used by the Priests, Priestesses, Healers and Teachers of Ancient Egypt
  • Attune yourself more completely to your God Presence, receive sacred geometric symbols and move more deeply and completely in alignment and flow with the Mystery and Harmony of the Universe.

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