Silencing Your Inner Critics

Silencing Your Inner Critics


No matter what I do, how much I’ve achieved – 
Even though others see me as amazing, strong, capable, good-hearted –
I still feel like I’m not okay, not enough, not worthy, not really lovable as I am.  


Silencing Your Inner Critics

End the Pain of Beating yourself up, of Being So Hard on yourself

of Never Feeling Okay,  Satisfied or Enough as you are.

What if it’s time to stop listening to the voices in your head?

What if now is the time for you to TAKE BACK YOUR ENERGIES AND YOUR POWER!

I can teach you how! 


Those mean critical voices – we took their words as truths and now we think about ourselves according to what they told us. We tried to satisfy them and appease them. But it never really worked. We never get ‘there’.

Instead we just keep going, exhausting ourselves, beating ourselves up … unable to make new choices. I can help you change all this with my Exclusive Program~  

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Key #1 – Knowledge is Power! Learn where your inner critics and judges come from. Understand why an Inner Critic is important and healthy for children but detrimental for adults. 

Why are we so resistant to change? When we understand why we resist change and the scientific reasons that make change difficult, we can stop beating ourselves up about our resistance and begin to soften our hearts … to ourselves AND begin to learn how to talk to ourselves differently! 

Key #2 – Learn The #1 Super Power Question to ask your self that literally begins to punch holes in the stories and the lies you’ve been telling your self AND silence the bullies in your head.   

Key #3- I know you’ve tried…..and it’s impossible to ‘just ignore’ the meanie in your mind.  I’ll teach you the trick technique to “Side Step” the negative voices before they take you down the rabbit hole.  

Key #4- “If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to your self – you would not have any friends left.” I will teach you my own personal process for eliminating self-rejection and self-loathing. You will shift from self rejection to self acceptance and to having voices in your head that are kind, caring and encouraging. This has been the most life-changing tool for me, and I love sharing it with you.  

Key # 5 – Your habitual, reactive negative and self-sabotaging patterns are actually hard-wired into your brain. These brain patterns are connected to your negative critical thoughts and the feelings which have been running your life, sabotaging you and keeping you feeling stuck, unworthy and confused. Using the latest research in neuroscience, I will teach you how to change your negative, limiting, thought patterns TO positive thoughts, beliefs and feelings instead. Be empowered instead of defeated.  

Stop bullying your self. You can feel   
Whole, Worthy, Lovable, Acceptable, Enough, and Empowered
~Welcome Home~

Confident ~ Amazing ~ Powerful ~ Worthy ~ Happy ~ Peaceful ~ Accepting of My Self


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