“When I first came to Miri I was having an existential crisis. My mind was lost in insecurities and unexplored, overwhelming, trapped emotions. I was very unhappy and I went into a deep depression along with anxiety. It’s been almost a year now and I feel like a new person. Sometimes I find it hard to believe I’ve come so far. During my healing process, Miri was so instrumental in helping me accept who I really was and let go of pain from the past that was consuming me. I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for her. While she reminded me that growth is a continuous never ending process, I now feel I have the tools to navigate through my life everyday and be who I am. A heartfelt thank you Miri.” GM May 2016


“NO MORE PAIN!  I HAVE A NEW LIFE!  In 2014, I started to have ongoing stomach pain and intermittent migraines. As the issues progressed into 2015, I sought the help of several doctors. Several invasive tests later, there was no “problem”. In the early fall of 2015, I started to get severe pain in my upper back and neck.

After 2 months of this pain and several tests later, there was again no “problem” to be found. The pain started to radiate down my right arm and limited my mobility so severely that I could hardly drive a car or lead my life. I was in constant pain. I was taking 3 different muscle relaxers, 2 types of pain relievers to numb the pain. The doctor suggested surgery, but without any guarantees. I started to see a therapist to help me manage some depressive thoughts and keep myself going. Though she was a nice person, her efforts were rudimentary at best.

I knew the kind of work Miri did, but I didn’t think she could help me. After a particularly painful day, and even though I was reluctant to do ANYTHING that required movement, I agreed to meet with Miri and at least explore the idea that she could offer some relief.

What I didn’t expect was the complete transformation I experienced. After a few sessions, my pain diminished. After a few more, I had full mobility and no pain at all. I had grown to live with headaches and chronic stomach pain. These are gone too.

Working with Miri helped me address the root causes of my pain and other areas of my life that were stuck and immobilized. Miri showed me the parts of myself I had put away a long time ago. I found strength, patience and resolve for myself that I didn’t ever think was attainable, so I never bothered to try.

My approach to many areas of my life has changed. Our language is far too feeble to accurately convey how much my work with Miri has impacted my life. I feel more like myself and I love that. I am better physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It is with the highest respect and without reservation that I’d recommend Miri’s services to anyone who needs to break through what is holding them back and back and discover how to nurture your true self.”  Trish, Charlotte, NC Feb 2016


“The way you listen is a gift.  You listen with your whole heart and allow me the space to be vulnerable and to work through whatever is happening to find my truth.   I ask for your insights and you share gently and with compassion helping me to see the many opportunities before me. And you lovingly encourage my gifts and give me the confidence I need.  I feel like I’m a lotus unfolding in the warm sun of your love and caring. I am always nurtured and feel cared in a healing session with you.  Simply talking with you is a healing gift in itself.”
D Spotts – Healing Touch Practitioner, Yoga Instructor


After just 3 sessions our work together was completed and Linda wrote on 1/2/2013
Dear Miri,
Just wanted to write you a note thanking you for being such an integral part of my “end of year settling and clearing” experience. It has been a powerful preparation for me to have an open heart, mind, body and soul to receive the many blessings God has prepared for me in this New Year!  The clouds and storms of the past are now dissolved, allowing the bright light of each new day to refresh me and put a smile in my heart and on my face.  I am feeling so refreshed, renewed and prepared for the “now” and future.  My joy has been restored.
Your direction, guidance, wisdom, love and understanding has helped me learn to allow, accept, integrate and be at peace with my past and current challenges.
Our sessions, including both your coaching and energy treatments, have been a catalyst for me to have the courage to go inward and flush out many years of dead roots which I have carried along on the path of my life.  Now, these old dead roots are put in a proper place, peacefully existing with my new outlook of truly, heartfully, lovingly, “allowing”.  It has produced a new freedom for my spirit, no longer expecting, judging, and resorting to the habit of analyzing events from the past, to no avail.
The old saying of “you reap what you sow” is certainly what I pray will be applicable to the goodness you have given me.  I am certain that many fold will be the blessings coming your way in this New Year, just from your light that has illuminated my path.  Bless you, your work and ministry.
With love, joy and peace,
Linda, RN,  Healing Touch Apprentice

“When I came to Miri less than six months ago, I was nearly bed-ridden, alone, afraid, depressed, basically living in “survival mode” – just making it through each day. I have worked with some excellent therapists and spiritual counselors, attended workshops and read books from the best spiritual leaders of our day. Yet, in all my years of searching, I never found anyone like Miri – she is a Miracle Worker! I would call her a combination of Reiki Master / Healer / Therapist / Shaman / Priestess / Magician / Spirit Guide / Guru / Being of Light and all-around Awesome Human Being!

Through Miri’s amazing gift of gentle and loving listening,  understanding, guidnce and energy work, I am re-discovering my true Essence and Light.   After so many years of being held captive to illness, depression, financial difficulties, anxiety and constant struggle, I feel as if I’ve been released from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual prison.  I have more energy than I’ve had in years!   I am blessed beyond measure with wonderful relationships with friends and family.   I feel alive, free, energized, awake, aware, happy and peaceful – more and more every day.   Words cannot express the Gratitude and Love I have for this beautiful Healer.”  Tonette Hartmann


“Miri is a master at facilitating personal growth and self acceptance in others. She brings new meaning to the word peace and is a sea of calm in a chaotic world. I have watched her soothe many an anxious soul with her voice, her energy work and her presence.” TL – MS.NCC.MH.RH


“Miri is a continuous loving blessing in my life. She has taught me so much about letting go and letting the Spirit direct. The healing I received in her Level I & II Reiki Classes have been life-saving experiences for me. I have gone to places of the deepest relaxation and spiritual joy during sessions with her. As the friend who recommended her to me stated, “Miri is the real deal”. I continue to see her for spiritual and physical healing sessions as needed. She is one of the most nonjudgmental individuals I have ever known. In her presence I can just be me and know that all is well. What a beautiful gift to offer a person. Don’t just take my word for it-treat yourself to session with her.” PS


“My life was challenging in so many areas-my children and I had severe health issues. I could no longer work. Our financial situation was tenuous. After just two sessions I had this feeling in my gut that I was fine. On the outside, nothing had changed. But I just knew in my gut that everything would be okay, that I was okay. Wow!” DC – Nurse


“Just wanted to thank you for last night. Sometimes I don’t know what I get the most out of – your warm nonjudgmental presence, the inviting atmosphere, our enlightening conversations or the sessions in which I am in the company of the angels.” LS


“Miri is filled with a knowingness, an energy that has no limits. She is at once sensitive, attentive, introspective, caring, and able to discern what is intuitively right for her in that moment. I find her to be a wise teacher and way-shower on the quest for our Divine Selves. I would recommend her classes for all, from beginning student to advanced. Miri walks her talk.”  KH – RN, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher


I have been through a major depression, not wanting to live.  Miri has been a ‘Compassionate Listener” for me, supporting me and helping me get through the crisis.”


The first time I met Miri was at a business entrepreneurs’ event.   I was brand new to business and fresh out of a very difficult time in my life.  I was a bit of a fish out of water and was scared to death and trying my best to hide it.  During a team buildng exercise I was encouraged to share the decision I most regretted.  I shared that I had chosen not to walk across the stage when I graduated college.

The others were busy talking across the room from us and Miri took a moment to very gently ask me why.  I told her it was because I was in a place where I did not love my self and did not feel I deserved to be recognized.  

Without even blinking an eye she asked me if I would like to walk across the stage now.  This room just so happened to have a small stage.

Would I be willing to do it?  She would be there for me, acting as the Dean of the college and we would both be going through all the appropriate motions – I would walk across the stage to her, she would shake my hand and hand me my diploma (pretend but real : -), and I would walk off the stage. 

I was taken aback!  I had not expected that response.  I accepted her offer and walked across the stage.  When I shook her hand I felt her truly acknowledge and receive me…..I felt the shame and sadness about that memory lift off me and was able to forgive my self for that past decision.  During all of this Miri remained the calm, compassionate person she is, which helped me be able to walk through with that same peace.”  Melissa  


“I am a single mom raising two daughters on my own. My life is very stressful.  As soon as one difficult situation is resolved, another presents itself.  Much of my time was spent analyzing the past and worrying about the future. Adding to the stress, I was diagnosed with a significant medical condition. Although my condition was diagnosed quickly, my body did not respond to the medications.  My condition deteriorated rapidly.   At that point I knew I needed to do something. Not knowing what that might be, I began searching for an alternative approach to deal with the stress and my deteriorating medical condition. Fortunately, I met Miri Klements.   I had no idea what to expect.  I made an appointment with Miri.

After the very first appointment, I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace. After a few more visits, things significantly improved – my body started responding to my medication.

Miri helped me understand life from a very different perspective. I have come to accept life as it is, without analyzing the past or worrying about the future. Amazingly, everything about my life has improved – my health, my outlook on life, my relationships. I feel great thanks for Miri!”


“Miri’s work is profoundly deep, gently effective and goes right to the source. As a mentor she confidently guided me toward my goal in an open and loving way. This openness allowed for personal strengths to shine and the teachings improved every aspect of my life.” CS – Massage Therapist


“I had not been able to express my artistic talents for years. I knew it was inside of me, but it was blocked. After just one session, I was able to pick up my paints and my brushes and the creativity began to flow out of me once again. Thank you. “