Work With Miri

Working with Miri 

Individual Sessions
Your individual session includes coaching, intuitive guidance and energy healing and balancing.
These sessions are 1.5 hours and are the perfect way to get you started.


Miri’s Comprehensive All Inclusive Programs 
listed below 

If you are ready for true and lasting change, if you’ve tried other things and have only gotten you so far… I offer you structured programs with step by step comprehensive Processes and Tools along with Intuitive Transformational Coaching and Energy Healing to take you through the dark tunnels, across the bridges and into The Promised Land of Freedom, Joy, Inner Peace AND the life of your dreams.   

Maybe you’ve tried different things and ended up trimming the branches hoping to create something different.  All the while it’s actually the roots that needed your attention.  

Anchored in your Heart and Soul, you are now open to new and wonderous possiblities! 


Quick Start Silence Your Inner Critics
End the Pain of Beating Your Self Up, Betraying Your Self, Judging Your Self  
of never feeling enough, worthy or okay as you are  

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 Deep Dive Total Transformation

You will totally change the way you think and feel about your self and be able to make the choices that truly support you in creating your most amazing best life ever – feeling Confident, Powerful, Worthy, Decisive and Clear because you will have gotten to the root causes of your struggles and life issues.  This is not a temporary fix or a bandaid. 

You will be able to truly heal your childhood wounds, experience new perspectives about your self others, and your life, change your limiting belief systems (BS) and thoughts, stop living and working to satisfy everyone else’s expectations for you, end sabotaging behaviors, stop beating your self up, calm your emotions, heal from anxiety and depression, end toxic relationships and be freed of your old patterns.  YES! you can with this program!  I have helped hundreds of others do exactly this!

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Deep Dive Transformation
Let’s get started

We begin to unravel and untangle your patterns so you can finally see from a different perspective and get into the processes for deep and complete healing = FREEDOM from the limitations and pains of your past. Begin to release stuck emotions, forgive yourself and then create new thought patterns, habits and beliefs … supporting the creation of the amazing fulfilling life you want and that YES, YOU CAN have!  
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